At AKTIVA Brands, everything is part of a process of continuous innovation that seeks to develop products and services that activate the lives of our people! We see innovation in a systematic way by adapting the design of our organization to maintain a continuous process of generating ideas and transforming them into reality.


Our focus on the consumer, coupled with a broad and systematic research process, is what fuels our creative process. We have developed an ecosystem of innovation that combines both internal and external sources to the organization, for the search of new ideas. We are constantly researching new consumer experiences, technologies, materials, manufacturing techniques and marketing channels that allow us to bring our consumers better experiences with our brands. We are part of a broad global research and development network that keeps up with global trends in the sectors we participate in.


All this is possible in our Innovation Center (iAKT), where the different disciplines and know-how that make a unique combination in the market and that results in innovative and winning ideas are concentrated. At iAKT, you will find a qualified team of Product Engineers, Designers, Creative Team, Sociologists, Marketing Specialists and excellent management that conduct exhaustive research on a daily basis, accompanied by technical evaluations, with consumers and professionals in different areas (sports, health, excursion, etc.). Each process is carried out with high technology equipment that accompanies the review of each process and guarantee the quality and innovation of the products.

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