Cuida tu Ambiente Effort

For 15 years we’ve been working for consumers of Ecology Brand to have conscience about enjoying nature with minimum impact, trash collection and disposal, avoiding waste from plastic bottles, etc.


In Aktiva Brands there exists the certainty that it is possible to align ourselves in an effort to take care of the environment, if we´re capable of reusing those objects that, otherwise, would harm the nature. Thereby, there has been done an important effort to diminish the ecological impact of those products that can have a new function. In such a way, the reuse of paper and careful use of water and electricity have been key elements. Thus, we can feel proud that these initiatives have allowed us to reaffirm our position.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our internal processes, as same as the effort from all our team, has been directly addressed to a sustainable growth at long term.  In Aktiva Brands we feel identified with a sense of leadership and responsibility as the force of change towards a more ecologically sustainable world. In this sense, we boost change in our immediate context.